I was recently introduced to an online phenomenon- and possibly one of the greatest videos ever to be put on YouTube (or at least in the top 500).  When I first witnessed this amazing piece of television turned YouTube video I didn’t get it, it was if my mind was unable to comprehend the greatness. However as the end of the video drew near I burst out laughing uncontrollably and every-time I have viewed it sense it has had the same effect on me. You may not find it funny you may think I’m an idiot for liking it in fact to be honest I have no clue why I can’t stop laughing at it. Anyway here it is watch it and laugh or just sit there puzzled at why I would waste time to post this;

On a side note, I have to agree with the kid turtles are awesome- however, I actually prefer vampires over zombies.


2017 Update: What was I thinking?

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