Intentional Living

puts “Hello World”

The author shooting a selfie, circa 1930

After a nearly four-year hiatus (from which I did not believe I would ever return) I have taken up the pen to resume my blog. A few semesters ago I was in a class that mandated all students keep a weekly blog.  I was not too keen on this since our topics were dry and a bit redundant but it made me miss blogging.  Also since I last regularly posted I have learned a lot about content creation and internet marketing so I’ve been wanting to try out my skills on myself before offering them to others.

In previous years my blog was a collection of semi-coherent ramblings about a plethora of subjects.  My main focus now is on motivation and intentional living and how those things relate to business, design and life.  I will be updating the blog faithfully every Monday morning with a little bit of motivation for you.  This Monday motivation will be stories of people or products that inspire me and other inspirational thoughts that I come across throughout the week.  Throughout the week I’ll be posting more sporadically on design, business and very occasionally web development, these weekly posts will be more in the vein of the ramblings that I used to post so if you’re interested in what I’m up to professionally then tune in, otherwise check the blog on Mondays for a little dose of motivation.

Lastly, this website is far from finished, in fact, according to Theme Checker there are about 30 changes I have to meet WordPress guidelines.  But that is above and beyond what I can see with my own eyes.  I’ve been working on this template on and off for about six months (the bulk of it was done in May) and for a long time I used it as an excuse to not publish anything.  I realised that if I waited until perfection I would never post anything so I’m opting to begin posting on an unfinished website.

A few notes on this blog redesign:

    • Still using WordPress, I actually contemplated using Rails but that would have meant I would have to switch off Dreamhost, and I still believe that WordPress is one of the best CMSs around.
    • This template was built by me, there are still some bugs that I’ll be working out and it’s not very pretty on mobile (although it works).
    • Bootstrap is the best man, I’m also using Normalize and a wee bit of Jquery (but I can’t remember why it may just be to power Bootstrap).
    • I could not have made this template without Tania Rascia’s fantastic blog post on WordPress templates and the WordPress documentation.