Wild Elements Anouncement Page

WildElements was a new wellness brand launching in the spring of 2021, Objective worked with a marketing agency out of New York to bring a landing page to life. The project was well organized and they had a full featured design from the get-go but our deadline was tight. Our initial project meeting was Thursday and we deployed the first version of the site the following Friday. We continued to work through some of their feedback and change requests the following week but after two weeks the site was fully finished and never revised.

Although we were given a full design to work from but only for desktops so myself and a designer at Objective worked to create a responsive page that would shine on screens small and large. I handled the bulk of the styling and React work on the site while a few animation sprinkles were added by a colleague. I think if we had more time, I would have liked to use Svelte but with the tight deadline React made more sense; at the time I was more familiar with React and I knew that we’d be able to find a package for anything we needed. The client wants a scrolling marquee? There’s a react package for that, they need popups, NPM install the react package, etc.