You may notice that my blog is no longer what it once was, I have removed most of the irrelevant posts in favour of content that some people may actually want to read. (Bold and italics for an extra dose of emphasis). Don’t worry I’ve kept all my hard written posts on my server in hopes that some day I will have a use for them, not sure when though.

You also may have noticed that the main page of the website has undergone a big redesign, the old design was tired and worn, so I reworked it, in essence, the layout is still the same but it’s sleeker, less clunky and some other words that people only use to describe cars.

As of right now, 6:55 on October third, I have not given the blog the full redesign it deserves, however, trust me that is coming SOON. I like the way it is now even less than you do! So check back over the coming days and weeks for a nicer cleaner template with hopefully lots of fun plugins.

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