A brilliant man once told me that I should torrent my films, true I but I don’t actually consider the movies I put up here to be: films. Think of them as short representations of my work or a demonstration of what I’m capable of, trust me when I make a short film (coming this June), I will present it in proper fashion.

youtube compare
In the meantime, I recently read something on Cineobscure about the possibility of a higher definition YouTube video. It’s actually quite simple, by adding this;  &fmt=18  at the end of any Youtube video URL you should get a higher quality version of that same video. I’ve tried it on a few videos and it’s worked very well. Keep in mind this won’t give you HD or anything close to it, however, I noticed the video is much cleaner. I have done this with every clip in the movies section of my website and it seems to help quite a bit.

Click the above image for a comparison of the two (the one on top is without the code the one on the bottom has it).

Image: ‘Once’ trailer.

2017 Update: Going through these old posts is a ton of fun haha. 9 Years later, yes, YouTube has full HD, 3D and VR compatibilities so this is no longer relevant, but we’ll keep it (like a lot of this stuff) for posterity.

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