On Monday we took a little trip to see Barack Obama speak in Chester Pennsylvania. It was an 8-hour drive from Kitchener to New Jersey (where we stayed the night) then we stood in the rain/snow for two hours waiting for him but it was totally worth it. The speech/rally was amazing.

Below are some of the best pics from the rally and the drive (sorry about the quality of some of the photos).

Barack Obama-Change Rally

We were very lucky to be this close.

Barack Obama-Change Rally; we were lucky to be this close.
Stood in the rain/snow for a total of three hours but I’d do it again.

Barack Obama-Change Rally; Despite the weather there were some 9,000 people!

One of a couple camera banks (yea I'm a camera nerd).

The car this morning.

The car this morning.
Stopped at a hotel last night and this morning our car was pretty much covered.

A wonderful trip, despite the less than amiable weather (which was beautiful but frigid), we saw some friends and family but Barack Obama’s speech was the absolute highlight.

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