2013 May

The Majestic Ants: First Film in a While

Last week when I noticed a colonie of ants all over my sidewalk I never intended for it to become a thing.  I wasn’t planning to make a video.  I just love ants, seriously; they exhibit a degree of sociality present among few other insects, let alone animals.   This also served a good test of my new SLR’s video capabilities.

After viewing the footage I quickly decided it was too good to waste and thought perhaps I could get some milage out of it.  I also drew a sweet doodle in my sketch book which served as a title.  About four years back I was at a popular Ontario Amusement Park once licensed to Paramount Pictures 😉 while standing in line with my good friend Talia; we saw a hill of ants so I pretended to be David Attenborough/”the voice of nature” whilst she filmed, I suppose this could be seen as a sequel with a sinister twist.


From the Archives

I was digging around in my computer-box-machine when I found some gold from yesteryear. Shortly before my mission I was working on turning a 2D image into a dynamic 3D image, it was going to be used as an intro to a specific part of my website set aside for doodles and random sketches. I never got around to using animation to make it 3D but I did a lot of photoshop on the original image and I was actually quite impressed when I found it the other day, take a look!

Original (don’t click on it it’s huge):
(Image courtesy of wikimedia)

Unfinished Edit: