2013 April

An Historic Post

Wow, I was filled with chills as I clicked “New Post” for the first time in almost three years! When I posted last I was about to serve a full time two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  To find out more about my faith check out my page: here.

I returned in July 2012, and I’m sure when I wrote ‘Hiatus’ I was planning on picking up right away however I said “why”?.  I started school, did two semesters (finals week right now actually, I should be studying), but as my ambitions and creations grew like a chestburster inside me I knew that it was time to get this rolling again.

To catch you up, because my photo on the about section and above is four years old here is a semi-recent photo of me in my buddy Mike’s ascot:

Certainly an under used fashion accessory by most of us, except Fred Jones, so I thought I’d rock it.  Sorry for the photo quality, it was taken with the front camera on an iPhone which implicates that I took this photo myself.

After Dreamhost’s servers were hacked my website disappeared; but it’s back, bug free and that’s all for now.  As I start to rebuild something of a portfolio I will being posting it here, maybe someday I will do this stuff for pay again but for now “eis for fun”.