Just over two weeks ago I worked with What We See is What You Get operating a second camera at a Gaslight Anthem concert. The footage is going on their website as well as The Waster’s. Using just my footage (and none of the audio they recorded) I cut together a six minute video of the interview with two of the guys from Gaslight beforehand as well as the concert.

Check it out then tell me what you think.

(Apologies for the aspect ratio Vimeo sort of butchered the 16X9).

Welcome to the new and improved travisfantina.com, or travisfantina.com 3.0. Whatever you want to call it it’s a brand new look with the same great content.

The first thing you will probably notice is that no matter what page you’re on it looks the same, as opposed to the old version where my blog looked a bit different then the rest of the site. Also you’ve probably noticed some of the cute little animals that are scattered around, and Kilroy who not only was here but still is here.

I’m using a sweet wordpress theme- the i3Theme by Mangoorange which allows for some pretty cool functionality. For example the two side bars: notice the little green arrows, if you don’t like one of the widgets or just won’t it cluttering up the page just hit that green arrow to minimize it. You can also change the order of the sidebars by grabbing the top and dragging one above the other. Give it a shot!

Tell me what you think of the redesign in the comments section below!

Today is Blog Action Day, I am proud to be participating in this for the third year in a row. For those of you just joining us now, Blog Action Day is when thousands of bloggers around the world dedicate a post to one specific topic or threat (2007 was the Environment then 2008 was Poverty) this year it’s Climate Change. The 10,403 blogs participating this year include but are not limited too: whitehouse.gov, The Google Blog, Mashable and Greenpeace USA (no surprise there).

I don’t really consider this blog a forum for serious topics such as climate change or global poverty, mostly I like to talk about films I’ve seen and occasionally dabble in some new technology or website that intrigues me. However I try and post every year on blog action day because these issues are quite important to me, and this years theme effects everybody in one way or another.

Back in 2007 I dedicated my blog post to climate change and I was thinking of being lazy and just reposting that. However instead I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on the state of things purely opinion.

The good news is that in the past five years we’ve seen a major trend in the direction of more climate friendly products from cars to washing machines consumers are telling corporations that they want environmentally friendly products. Hybrids and fuel efficient cars rule the roads and many products boast a high environmental rating on the tag. Good news certainly however it’s not enough and there is still a lot to be done, there are tons of things you can do to decrease carbon emissions you know them inflating tires, washing in cold water; all that fun stuff. One of the best things you can do is shop smart, climate change or not there is one thing that every corporation responds to: money. Buy environmentally friendly products boycott the polluters, personally you’ll be emitting less and saving money but you’ll also be sending a powerfully message. Lets hope that this trend of green capitalism not only continues but increases exponentially over the next five years and into the future, but it’s really up to consumers to make the decision weather we’ll be living in a greener world or not.

In closing I thought I’d share a neat blog from everybody’s favorite search engine talking about what they do to make the world a little greener: Google Blog.

That is all for now, back to my usual trivial nonsense next week.

This post is a continuation of Saturday’s which can be found here I recommend reading it first.

Ok so continuing where I left off Saturday night (Sunday morning technically).

Twitter has a few neat ways to contact people, if you are “Friends” with someone (meaning you are both following each other) you can send that person a “Direct Message” which will only be visible to them. You can mention somebody by typing the @ sign and then their name (like @tfantina), this tweet will be visible to everybody who follows you and the person you mention will also be notified even if they don’t follow you. The highest compliment you can give on Twitter is a re-tweet. If you like somebody’s tweet and want to show it to your followers just type “RT” then mention the person and paste their tweet ( “RT @tfantina ‘Somehow I always cross the border during rush hour.'”).

So far I’ve covered the basics of Twitter, however, it’s much more fun once you start checking the amazing apps that have sprung up around Twitter.

Some people will tell you to download a desktop app for Twitter like
Tweetie” or “TweetDeck” however I don’t use either of these, however if you are tweeting from a smartphone or an iPod Touch I recommend getting an app for it. When it comes to apps here is a list of ones that I could not live without (this is relative we are talking about a microblogging service);

Brizzley is a fun app that displays pictures and video in tweets (usually you have to click a link to see them), among other things it also allows you to organise people you follow into lists. I highly recommend it, it’s currently in beta however if you want an invite just drop a line in the comments and I’ll hook you up first come first serve.

Tinyurl is good when you have a super long URL that you have to fit into 140 characters or less (they usually shorten any URL to about 30 characters).

Twitpic allows you to post photos to Twitter from you cell phone or the web.

Tweetstats is cool if you’re geeky like me and want to know the statistics of your tweets (time of day you tweet the most, the day of the week you tweet the most, where most of your tweets come from, etc.).

There are hundreds of cool apps for Twitter, a good place to start looking is Oneforty.com they have organised most of the major apps for you to try, rate and review.

Sorry it took so long, Twitter’s a bit of a hard sell at first but I take it with a grain of salt and appreciate all the neat apps and trends.

Image: Pasquale D’Silva courtesy of Function

What is Twitter? It’s stupid! Why do you use it? Are you by any chance stupid? These are a few of the question’s I’m faced with when I tell people that I use Twitter. My goal with this post is to hopefully educate and enlighten readers about the wonderful world of Twitter.

What is it? Twitter a microblogging service, it allows users to convey short amounts of information (called ‘tweets’), in no more than 140 characters; this makes it compatible with SMS messaging from cell phones.

Once you join start following people. I know it sounds stalkerish but one has to assume that people aren’t going to post something on the public web that they don’t want everybody on Earth to see, if not why post it. This is not always the case but it’s their problem, not yours. Twitter makes it very easy to find people; you can search by username, first name, last name, business or brand. In addition to my friends, I follow several people whose tweets I find particularly interesting. With famous folk (like KevinSpacey and Oprah to name two) people like to create fake accounts in their names and post stuff, recently Twitter introduced verified accounts so you can tell if your really following Oprah or 14 years old in Santa Monica. As you start to follow more and more people you will get a feel for what tweeting style you like, some people tweet fifteen or twenty times a day others only once or twice a day. Some people’s tweets are more interesting than others, which brings me to my next point…

Don’t tweet useless junk!

One of the major stigmas surrounding Twitter is that it’s all really useless junk, people tweet stuff like “Eating breakfast”, “Going for a jog”, “Going to the bathroom”, “Washing my hands” and “Gross I touched my phone before washing my hands!”. True, all these tweets are under 140 characters, however, that does not mean they should be posted. A quick and easy way to become a Twitter outcast is to post lots of useless jargon nobody reads or cares about. Twitter should be used to share stuff that you find funny, cool, interesting or enlightening. When I stumble across a neat blog or a funny video on Youtube that not too many people have seen, I tweet it. If I see something cool or something funny happens to me I tweet it. I don’t tweet boring junk that everybody already knows I do (like eating), and neither should you.

So, Twitter is a fun and quick way to share links, quick stories, and see what famous people are doing. However, in my opinion, the real genius of Twitter comes from two features, “Trending Topics” and “Search”. Trending Topics takes all recent tweets and arranges them looking for patterns; so let’s say that the Yankees just won the World Series, a lot of people would be tweeting “Yankees” and “World Series” for instance. If enough people posted tweets with the words “Yankees” and “World Series” in them, they would both appear on the “Trending Topics” list. “Trending Topics” is a way to see what’s going on in the world as it happens. “Search” is also useful, but I don’t think you need that explained.

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Image: Pasquale D’Silva courtesy of Function