2009 June


Sorry for the sporadic, er- total lack of, posts this month I have been very busy prepping for my latest short film “Initiation”.

“Initiation” is the story of a gun-for-hire who is hired to retrieve some diamonds, he botches the job and has to report this back to his boss who has the power and authority to kill him if she wishes, basically your worst day at the office times 10.

We shot on June 9th, it was a very, very fast shoot, too fast really and I wish we could have taken two days one for each location but that was not the case.  Despite the hurried pace, I am quite happy with what we got.  I am almost finished with the rough cut now and it looks great. Photos from the shoot (click to enlarge):

Shoot 1

‘The Gang’ prepping for a scene.



Shoot 3

James pre squib.


James post squib.


Shoot 2

Camera protected from blood spurting.

Shoot 8

Working out lighting.

Shoot 7


Shoot 4

Me with camera protected from blood spray.


All photographs are the property of Bekky Gibson.



2017 Update: I learned a ton doing this, but unfortunately it wasn’t very good, your first few films are always your worst.