2009 March

Earth Hour

Earth Hour 09' I’m a bit late on this one. Just a reminder today is Earth Hour so between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM turn your lights off get out a candle and read a book! It’s really amazing to see how many cities have gotten behind Earth Hour this year, I’m not sure of the exact number (2,700 maybe) but I know it’s a huge increase from last year.

That is all for now.

New Obsession – What is in the box!

As I was doing my daily internet trawl I came across a very puzzling gem over at /film.

It’s a video that popped up online a few days back, check it out then I’ll explain.

Good yes? The question is, what is it? Apparently, it has a bunch of Half-Life related stuff but it also uses music from Lost and if I’m not mistaken around the 5:40 mark there is music from ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’.

Many people have suspected that it’s a viral marketing campaign for a new Half-Life game but I tend to doubt this because of the music. I don’t think a game publisher would go to the trouble of acquiring rights for this music when they could just use songs from the game.

There are a few things we know, the description on Youtube reads: “This is an early temp version. Will be deleted soon” that may explain the mixed music sources. Also according to /film this video was shot in the Netherlands.

There is also a website now: www.whatsinthebox.nl which is just about as helpful as the film its self. But your welcome to check it out.

So what is this? My theory: it’s a student film or something made by some people who really just like to mess with our heads. Whoever made it knew what they were doing the effects are really amazing considering what it is. Whoever made this spent a lot of time and effort on it including making a website. I doubt it’s a company effort because of the copyright music issues.

But whatever it is I eagerly await the next instalment. If you find anything interesting let me know.
2017 Update: I did eventually find out what was in the box, it’s here.