Youtube in Widescreen

I bet your thinking: “what on earth is that 16:9 screenshot doing with a youtube play bar at the bottom of it?” Good news! Youtube has converted it’s player to a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio to fill the growing demand from content producers. I have to admit the few videos I have watched so far in widescreen look amazing.

Most of the videos on Youtube are not widescreen, these still look good but since the player is now in 16:9 format you see a large black box on both sides of the frame (it’s really less distracting than it sounds).

Thank you, Youtube for being awesome!

On a related note;

A few months back I discovered the magic &fmt=18 code. This code gives you a higher quality video when pasted at the end of the video URL, not HD but higher quality.

But if you want the official HD code is &fmt=22 just paste it at the end of the video URL to watch it in HD. But keep in mind this code will only work if the video uploaded is in HD to begin with.

2017 Update: again, reading this today is halarious.

If you are a citizen of the United States let me say something important; VOTE. Do it tomorrow, get out and vote, check what time your local polls open and close then VOTE. Your vote counts, just look at the last few elections, in Ohio, it came down to about 9 votes in each precinct. So yes your vote does count! It’s important and cool.

Vote and then where that sticker with pride.