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 It’s a bit of false start to redesign the blog, post these Monday Motivations: here and here, and then to drop off the face of the earth for three weeks.  And it is true, I missed the past 3 opportunities to most some motivation for your Monday.  I will be getting back on the horse next week (already wrote the article).  This summer, so far, has been a busy one.

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s in management (well I didn’t walk and haven’t received a diploma yet, but according to them I have completed all the requirements).  This was a big accomplishment for me, as I said to my mother: “I did in 5 years what most people do in 4”.

I’ve done some touring with family around Southern Utah, visiting America’s National Parks and avoiding the massive Brian Head fire that was active a few weeks back.

But a lot of my time has been spent working on two major projects.  I’ve been designing an app for court reporters called Q&A Transcript Manager.  (See the logo below).   We are currently testing it.  It’s been extremely rewarding to see something that I designed from the ground up finally on a screen and functional.  In addition to this major design project I’ve been doing a lot of print art lately (like the above image for my friend Quintin’s show).
 I’ve also been re-designing and developing a website for Brazilian students called Avalie Meu Professor.  Our team hopes that this will gain traction in South America were Rate My Professor is not available.  This has been an ongoing project for some time and it has really forced me to learn a lot of new technologies and accelerate my knowledge of Ruby on Rails.  Once again, it’s been incredibly rewarding to see these really complex and sometimes abstract features come together into a tangible user experience.

So in short my travels, these projects and a few others have kept me from blogging regularly, or fixing the 20 + errors preventing this theme from being fully “WordPress Compliant”.

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