Frequently when facing a vexing Ruby or Elixir problem and my answer is to be found in the veritable treasure trove that is Hash Rocket’s Today I Learned (TIL) blog. These posts are generally concise, short, and laser focused on one common problem. I find myself coming back to them again and again.

Back in December I began a personal TIL. As I continued my dive into the Elixir world, I’d keep it up to date. Much like Hash Rocket’s blog I’ve found myself returning my own personal TIL repository. Rather than hoard all this in my Bear Notes I’m going to add this resource as another vehicle for my blog. I’ve been retroactively adding these TIL’s to my blog and will continue to do so. I hope if somebody happen to stumble across one via a Duck Duck Go search it will shed a bit of light on their problem. At the very least it will be a place for me to come back to when I, inevitably, encounter the same issue again.

Photo: Travis Fantina